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HTVJ attains TOP 10 potential businesses selected to cooperate with JICA in 2022

At the beginning of the new year, HTVJ is pleased to  welcome the first guest - Delegation of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) to visit HTVJ factory at Land Lot L3, Pho Noi B Textile and Garment Industrial Park, Di Su Ward, My Hao Town, Hung Yen Province, Viet Nam. Being in the TOP 10 out of 200 enterprises selected by JICA to implement Support Project in 2022, HTVJ has shown its partner its potential in contributing to the development of the Supporting Industries in the future.
It is known that JICA is a prestigous organization and has a certain influence on potential customers that HTVJ is aiming to exploit. Therefore, COOPERATION PROJECT BETWEEN HTVJ-JICA is considered as one of the most importantevents in 2022 of the company.
Representing the Delegation of JICA to work with HTVJ were Project Technical Advisor Tran Ngoc Anh and Japanese Expert Natsumi Fumiaki. The representative of HTVJ is the Chairman and all the managers of departments. Along with the joyful and bustling atmosphere of the New Year, HTVJ warmly welcome and gave lucky money to the first guest to the company.
exchange business card HTVJ exchanged business card with Expert Natsumi Fumiaki.
lucky moneyChairman of HTVJ give lucky money to the delegation of JICA  
During two working days, the two parties exchanged and evaluated the current situation, causes and proposed solutions to solve the existing shortcomings in the factory to increase production capacity, improve and enhance skills for all employees of HTVJ. During the project implementation period, the two parties will cooperate to jointly make HTVJ a more and more perfect company. With many years of experience in supporting businesses to improve and develop, JICA promises to become a reliable companion with HTVJ in the period of time from March 2022 to October 2022.
In addition to working in the office area, the experts also have a live assesment at the site to better undertand the current ststus of the company. At the factory area, the Head of Production directly welcomed and shared with Expert Natsumi Fumiaki about HTVJ Factory. As a person with many years of experience in the mechanical industry along with his available Japanese, the honest sharing of him has become an important link in the improvement process of the company
Experts JICA worked at the siteExperts JICA worked at the site
The head of Production welcomed Expert Natsumi Fumiaki at HTVJ FactoryThe head of Production welcomed Expert Natsumi Fumiaki at HTVJ Factory
Through this project, we believe that HTVJ will have a significant change in the management method and factory scene, contribute to build an increasingly developed HTVJ and improve cooperation capacity with large enterprises such as Honda, Yamaha, Vinfast,...
JICA-HTVJHTVJ and the delegation of JICA took photograph at the company hall before leaving. 

  Author: Khuy Hoang (SA)

Picture: Khuy Hoang (SA)